Boris Mann

I’m a long time community builder in Vancouver, working mainly with software developers, technology, and startups.

I am interested in exploring how we can make housing more equitable, affordable, and available. I’ve lived and rented in Vancouver for over 17 years, and want to champion renting in a more European style: not as a wacky time when you’re young, or as a second class option, but as a choice.

With Cobuilding, I want to see use gather together information, people, and solutions, so that we can find out more about who’s working on what and re-use and build on each other’s successes.

From my open source software background, I want to bring the notion of templates and data sharing. We can gather information and solutions from finance to foundation so that more projects are successful in building what they want.

I am currently the founder and CEO of Fission, a fast app publishing platform that protects user data and privacy.